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Fairly recent Danish study.  Thought it was worth passing along.

 I've been suggesting to people, ever since I joined this site, That if you are a smoker, you should try to give it up.

I gave it up over 20 years ago, and I was one of those chain, two pack a day puffers.

Here is another article from this site:

The study:

Medpage article:


Congrats, JRE quitting 20 years ago.  Only 6 for me.  One of the very best moves I made...healthwise.

Also a link to the same study as reported by the NY Times.

Thanks for providing link to actual are more technically proficient than I.

Saw the study just after Xmas/ coming up to the new year.
Ever since my poz diagnosis in 1985 I've been telling myself "HIV will probably kill me before the smokes".  The Danish study blew that notion out of the water for me.

Last ciggie was Jan 2. YAY!

My partner/lover smokes. I'm getting pretty unhappy with the smell...  I have no idea how to deal with this issue, after all he was a smoker when I met him.

Nothing like getting a good party buzz back in the day and topping it with a ciggy or two.  Probably enjoyed the inhalation the most, good ole nicotine and tar were working their magic too.  And I was not a heavy smoker.  Really do not miss it at all any longer.

Personal interpretation of the study was that HIV intensifies the ill-effects of smoking.  Perhaps some sort of double penalty.

Glad to hear you have quit harleymc.  Wish you luck/strength. 

P.S.  Yard/Balcony/Patios can all be attractive smoking spots!


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