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alternatives to Atripla suggestions

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I'm quite happy with once-daily 150mg Celsentri,100mg Norvir and 600mg Prezista for 3 years. I skip it at the weekends; its not recommended but it works anyway.
Got a bit stomach, but I'm sure it's the Zyprexa - seems worse than any HIV Med.

I love my reyataz/norvir/truvada taken daily with dinner.

the good news right now, mitch, is that there are all sorts of other combos you might use ;) Good luck getting the right one and changing off this one that is causing you issues.

thanks everyone for your help and suggestions!
my tummy is pretty sensitive so that is the major reason that i would try to avoid Complera from what i have read.

i know everyone reacts differently, so i don't want to discourage anyone from anything.

the combo choices seem to be a bit overwhelming with more on the horizon.

Atripla was good for me for awhile but i think the Sustiva part has taken a toll.

The good news is that i am starting to feel a bit better today as far as my sinus infection and cold are concerned.
Taking Amoxicilin. Ugh!
NOT fun on the tum tum but i will survive. :)


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