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alternatives to Atripla suggestions

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I'm sure there is tons of info already posted here but I am sick with a cold and sinus infection and really can't think to clearly (probably due to 6 years on Atripla).
My ID doc is ok with the change but has gotten pretty poor with followup lately.
(that's another worry/ subject as i have always thought very highly of him during at least 16 of the past 18 years that he has been my doc)

more and more of my days are "zombie" days.
I am not looking forward to another set of side effects but something has got to give soon.

thanks for your recomendations.

tired and fuzzy.

ps-Complera seems to not be an option in my mind from what i have read.

I don't notice anything on Isentress, Truvada.
It seems quite neutral.

Also, for a year i take a daily dose of time-released Focalin - dexmethylphenidate - which sped me back up to what feels like "normal speed".

Also - chocolate, coffee, green tea, bitters, amaros, spicy foods, umani, umeboshi - all these can jolt my brain awake.

Also - pot. Though for many its a chill-out drug, it makes me considerably more alert.


--- Quote from: mitch777 on January 03, 2013, 05:31:51 PM ---

ps-Complera seems to not be an option in my mind from what i have read.

--- End quote ---

Curious why Complera would be a no (I dont like the restrictions against using antacid medications with it).

There are quite a few options available.  If your kidneys are good I would go with Stribild.  Otherwise Isentress/Truvada would be my choice, then Prezista.

Other option is to wait for Dolutegravir (which seems to be a great choice if you can waut)

You shouldnt have to deal with Atripla if its causing you problems.

prezista, Issentress, Norvir I take has had no side-effects compared to the Atripla i was taking.

Hi Mitch

Sorry to hear about your experience about Atripla. My friend and I just started medications. Even though we have both suffered from depression and anxiety, neither of us have experienced any side effects with our regimens. I am on Truvada and Isentress and he is on Complera. We both feel amazing on these regimens. Although I get lower back pain sometimes and rare headaches, these side effects are tolerable. Remember one thing, when you hear horror stories about certain meds there are countless of people on them who have no problems. This reminds of a lesson in a marketing class. When people have a bad experience they are likely to tell ten people about it but when they have a good experience they tell far fewer people. So maybe you should try Complera and see how it works for you. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the riplivirine is a nano tech 2nd generation of the class Sustiva is in? Is this true? And the fact that there is only 25 mg of rilpivirine in complera and the rest is Truvada is pretty impressive. I think sustiva in Atripla is 600mg?

Whatever you decide good luck to your health and a great 2013!


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