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Traditional Risk Factors Drive Heart Disease in People with HIV

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No substitute for a Stress Test. Everyone over 50, especially those with HIV should get one.

I had shortness of breath with no chest pain. I went to the ER and had all the blood work and EKG done along with an ultrasound. Everything was hunky dory but they still ordered a stress test. During it I collapsed due to a loss of pressure. The angiogram the next day found a massive occlusion (80%) of my left main coronary just before it bifurcates. It is called a widowmaker-for obvious reasons. I recieved a double bypass two days later.

This is one my primary care doc missed although to be fair my cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL and no familial history didn't point to CAD. I suspect 20 years of protease inhibitors were a big part of the equation.



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