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New pic


Figured I had depressed everyone enough with my ICU on ventilator picture. This is from a trip to DC. Just finished the White House tour. The front is the only place they let you take pictures.

Another year over...and I'm still here, despite everyone's best efforts!

I'll hit 54 this year. But I only feel like I'm in my thirties. My mind isn't in sync with my body. Never have felt the age I am. Always felt younger and with less experience. Didn't mind feeling younger but did mind not feeling as mature as I felt I should.

Waiting to hear if I'll be approved for a new medication my doctor has prescribed. He wants to put me on Serostim to see if that will help me rebuild. My weight still hasn't recovered from the loss of muscle while in the hospital. I didn't have that much fat so my body cannibalized my muscle for recovery. Only lately have I felt able to do most of my exercises. Just at lesser weights than I was hefting before June.

This past year I also started with a new therapist. He's much better than the first one, at least for me. He enjoys my sense of humor and he also is more talkative, asking me questions to help me think about things. I'd missed being able to talk with someone. I didn't want to start back dumping everything on my friends. Plus I don't feel I have to censor get the benefit I have to talk about things.

Not sure what this year will bring. Guess I'll find out like everyone else...

I get three weeks vacation starting this year. I'm working on ways to spend it all out on Fire Island. Me, the beach, the sun and nothing to think about, just watch the waves roll in and roll out. A perfect vacation as far as I'm concerned.

Healthwise, other than the weight, I seem to be holding my own. Blood work this year has all come back perfect. All my drugs seem to be doing their jobs. Not that I don't have some issues with them. Just not bad enough to think of switching. Get some more dental work done this year...nice having dental insurance. Maybe by the time I retire I'll have everything done. No bleaching though...I'm not a movie star.

That's about it. Hope everyone has a great year. Look forward to reading about all your adventures as they happened.

when I saw the new pic in the other thread I wondered if that was the WH. Nice. ;)

Enjoy the time off. You can never go wrong with the beach (even if you are too far north LOL) Happy New Year!


--- Quote from: LongTimeSurvivor on January 01, 2013, 08:44:29 PM ---

I'll hit 54 this year. But I only feel like I'm in my thirties. My mind isn't in sync with my body. Never have felt the age I am.

--- End quote ---

Nice Pic !!,  ...and I know what you mean. I feel the same way ! It's gonna be the death of me.  :P   The other night at work, I had to get on one of the employees skateboard, and zip around the parking lot a little bit. At 61 , it's not that easy to zip, but I had a great time, and fortunately, didn't fall or break anything. I think they were all surprised, that I did it !  Now I am in the mood to talk to Ed ( my partner) about going roller skating this weekend.  It's time !  :P

Hope everything gets approved for the new medication.

Happy New year !


Great photo!

Looking good LTS. I hate to burst your bubble, but I hear there was a lot of damage on Fire Island. Do some research, and if you can't go there, look into Provincetown, Cape Cod.
Cape Air flies from Westchester non-stop to Provincetown, in the summer only. They supposedly have a free limo from midtown to Westchester Airport.
 Hugs, Deiby


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