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just found out good friend has HIV and hep c


i found out by accident. this friend left a copy of medical records at my house and  my son got a hold of them and spread them all over the floor. not meaning to look, but i did and was floored by what i read. me and this friend has a great relationship and loves my son so much, i can't believe this friend didn't tell me. losing a mother to aids and having 2 other friends with HIV, i would be supportive to my friend. it also said on the paper my friend is refusing treatment for both HIV and hep c. i want this friend to tell me in his/her own time but his/her health is at risk. don't want to lose my dear friend. lately this friend been having stomach issues, forgetfullness, a mass on the brain, and for awhile numbness in the face(not tasting foods). also headaches. i just wanna help my friend.

As long as you discovered by accident I dont think you can be critisized for prying. 

So now that you now, you can certainly bring up  the subject and offer your support.  Sounds like your friend has quite a lot on "his/her" shoulders. He/she may tell you to bug off.  But a true friend should try to discover through whatever is blocking this person from taking care of him/herself, and offer support.

Good luck with that.


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