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Anger issues with medication

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Hey guys

Recently diagnosed with HIV. My doctor put me on medication (Truvada and Sustiva).
Lately , i have been noticing , iam very rude to the people. Iam loosing patience. Iam trying to figure out if  this is a side effect from my medication.
Did any one of experience similar issues.If then what did u do to minimise them

Thanks alot

Yes, I did to.
What do I do now? Well, i try to control myself... think if the anger I'm feeling is really justified or not. Most of the times it's not. Meanwhile, i argued with a very good friend of mine over "nothing". Things eventually got better, but I realised i was overreacting.
Before starting with Truvada+Sustiva I was a much quieter, calmer, person...

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it is definitely the truvada that is causing this side effect.I noticed it too and it sometimes is unbelievable to me that i could be so rude but yet i have no control at the time.

Tony - could be a combination of things - I started Combivir and Sustiva in June of 2006 - I can tell you that I was hell on wheels for the first few months.  Could not figure out if it was the stress and anxiety of finding out I was positive (when my T-cells were already down to 78) or the personality change from the medication. 

Sounds like you also got the diagnosis and the start on meds pretty close together - I think this combination of events is pretty stressful - and THEN you add the meds themselves.

Things have definitely started to even out, I am feeling so much better that I am probably more laid back than I ever was before. 

I think once you see the improvement in your overall health, and you start to feel like there is some light at the end of the tunnel, you too will ease up on the anger.  Stay focused on the small improvements - like your appetite returning, or gaining a few needed pounds, or having the energy to really enjoy a nice Saturday - I know those things have done so much more for my mental state that the short term issues I was facing back in June seem like a distant memory.

Hang in there - I know I get a tremendous boost from a few minutes on these forums - hope you do too.


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