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Fiscal Cliff Update...

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--- Quote from: bocker3 on December 28, 2012, 09:49:30 PM ---And this is why we are where we are..........   We all know there will be some pain and sacrifice, but we want it to be someone else's pain and sacrifice.

This is not meant to pick on RobbyR -- just about everyone feels the same about taxes, which is why we are where we are...........


--- End quote ---


Oh no, I just posted in another political thread. 

A little off topic but reminds me of this this same line of reasoning;  A couple of years ago our little oasis of a small village finally got city water from a nearby city.  Everyone was excited until it came time for the placement of the tower.  It ended up being placed within view of my brother's house as they are on the highest point around.  A few of his neighbors complained to council that it shouldn't be placed in their backyards.  I loved my brother's point when he questioned whose backyard they'd like it in to supply THEM with water.


I think we are all going to hold hands and jump over the cliff at this point..  I'm sick of heariing about it.  i guess it will take it to happen before they will come together with something.

they all seem to just be going thru the motions at this point and putting folks on the edge.



Help,...I've fallen off the fiscal cliff,and I can't get up.  ::)

I received my paycheck last night, didn't take the government long to get there money.

Looks as though, I will get $21.73 less per every two weeks.  Social security withheld $64.25.  (  It's just about what I calculated it at)

Fed tax remains the same as does the medicare tax.



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