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Copper bracelet do they work

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I woke up this morning with pains here and there and had it for most part of the day and I kept saying to myself hope all is well within.

Out of boredom I went to a pharmacy store just looking around and I came across a copper brackets, that supposedly helps with reliving pains in joints and bones, arthritis and sports pain. I almost bought it buh on a second thought decided to ask the house if anyone has used a copper bracelet and if it does help in alleviating pain?

I  tried  one and it  turned my wrist green  but didnt seem to have any effect on the  joint pains


My father tried one and swore by it.  Of course, he also swore by a quart of vodka a day and never took his arthritis meds which may negate the value of his endorsement.

I just did a quick search and found this which may be of interest.  It's from a site called Daily Dose of Common Sense and it cites a study by the NHS in the UK so I would give it some credit.  Basically they claim there is no benefit.

BTW - are you asking solely for arthritis or is your question in relation to copper bracelets and HIV? 

Thanks for the response peeps.

@ iggy, to clarify what I'm asking is if it wld help with the bone and joint pains we feel, since it is claimed to help for other forms of pain.

My husband tried one, it didn't make a blind bit of difference, I'd spend my money on better things if I were you.



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