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Grants Committee:
Hello Everyone:

We are getting a bit of a late start on forming Grants Committee for AMG 2013. I wasn't sure if I would be able to take on the responsibility this year with school, work, and the health issues of 2012, but I feel that I am up to the challenge opportunity to serve (if you all will allow me to once again).   

The Grants Committee for AMG 2012 consisted of the following members:

    Screenname                    Name
   - phildinftlaudy                  Phil
   - Jody                               Jody
  - pozniceguy                      Nick

I don't believe Jody will be participating on the committee this year due to other responsibilities (Jody, please correct me if I am wrong).

Nick - please let me know if you are able/willing to be a part of the Committee this year.

If there are other members who are interested in participating on the Committee, please send a PM to "Grants Committee."

The history, purpose and functions of the Committee:

The AMG Grants Committee (the “GC”) was formed in 2005 as a means of pooling donations from generous members and other sources to help out some members who wanted to attend the AMG but were financially constrained. 


The Grants Committee aims to grant assistance to as many members in need wishing to attend the gathering as the available funds would allow.  The GC shall manage all AMG grant operations and ensure there is adequate controls and transparency regarding the donation and grant operations process.

The Grants Committee shall support the following specific tasks:
•   Soliciting donations
•   Grant allocation
•   Periodic reporting to the wider forum members

The Grants Committee shall consist of at least three and at most five members.

The AMG Grant Committee is the ONLY time members are allowed to use these Forums for fundraising.

All donations are kept confidential.  The names of members assisted with grant funds/donations are also kept confidential.

There are typically two types of donations: 1) cash donations to the Committee which are then directed to assist individuals in need (through procurement/sharing of hotel rooms, travel fare, etc) and 2) members who will sponsor another member (i.e. share or pay directly for another member's room, travel, etc.).

Everything is done with the greatest amount of transparency (with the exception of keeping confidential the names of donors and members requesting/receiving assistance).  Regular reports are posted in the forum regarding funds received and funds disbursed.

A great many individuals have been helped during past AMGs through the assistance of other members.  Funds raised for various AMGs have ranged from $1,100 - to over $5,000 (not including direct sponsorships of individual members).  Through the generous assistance of other members, the AMG 2012 Grants Committee was able to raise over $1,100 - disbursing $1,120 - which provided assistance needed for 2 members to attend AMG 2012 - held in Washington D.C.

The assistance provided by the grants can make the difference in whether a member is able to attend the AMG or not.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask - If you want to be involved, send a PM, as noted above. 

After the Committee is established - a separate thread will announce this and provide info for those members who want to donate or who may wish to request assistance. If we can have the Committee members finalized by January 1, 2013, we should be able to have the "Donation / Request for Assistance" thread up by Saturday, January 5, 2013.

Thanks in advance everyone for your participation.

-Grants Committee (reps from AMG 2012 Grants Committee)

Thanks Phil for all your efforts and it was good of you to call today, always nice to hear from you.  I will not be able to participate on the grants committee in 2013.  My step father went to a nursing home and my mom who is 90 is now alone and I will have to make a move with her very soon.  On top of that I am busy with physical therapy as my back problems persist.  So I am hopeful of going to Chicago but right now it is 50-50.  Be well and carry on good people toward our wonderful annual get-together.  It is a great experience and I am truly blessed to know all those of you I have met through Aidsmeds, in person or online.  Be well good people.

Hugs, Jody


Not having you in Chicago is almost unimaginable!  I sure hope things work out between now and then so that you can join us.  I appreciate the work you have done in the past on the grant committee.  I certainly hope the issue with your back improves and that everything goes more smoothly with your father.  Thoughts and prayers are with you always.


I  am willing to  continue....  dont have any  current or anticipated  issues that will prevent It


Grants Committee:
Thanks Nick-

Update - at this time, the following individuals have agreed to participate as members of AMG Grants Committee 2013:

phildinftlaudy     Phil
bocker3             Mike
willy wump        Will
pozniceguy        Nick

The Committee can had up to 5 members - so, if there are any other members interested, please send a PM to "Grants Committee."

Also, if there is any feedback on the above Grant Committee slate of members, please feel free to provide it.

Any questions, feel free to ask (via post on this thread or PM).

-Grants Committee - (2012 Grants Committee Reps)


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