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A couple of questions about Kaposi Sarcoma...

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Thanks for the clarification. I'm glad your doctor sounds more competent than she did at first. It never hurts to give details so as to avoid misunderstandings. ;)

You've only been on meds for a short time, so patience is definitely needed. You'll get there.

Jeff G:

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JG - yeah, it's not very big. It just bugs's getting smaller, just really slowly. Good to know I just need to be more patient :)

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I know the feeling of it bugs me ... I was so wanting the KS off my body I almost begged to be put in chemo and it turned out to be a case of be careful what you hope for . Its good to hear the your doctor is taking a conservative approach and it sounds like you are in good hands .   

I had a KS lesion the size of a dime on the tip of my nose (talk about being obvious!) and a smaller spot on a cheek. A biopsy on the cheek confirmed the KS. Over about two months of HAART my lesions disappeared - I also had them on a lung and small intestine. I probably should share my diagnosis story but it's so complicated I may be typing for days.

You mentioned in another thread that you had valley fever.  That particular fungal infection mimics KS in the way it manifests.  Without a definitive diagnosis, you're just causing yourself needless worry.

I still love this saying from long ago; if you expect and dwell on the worst and it comes true then you've lived it twice.  If not, you worried needlessly.

Take care and best wishes


I have a ks lesion, but its now in remission after being on haart.  It was raised and hard before, but now its flattened out completely.  I just came back from the dermatologist who said its gone, but the pigmentation will not fade any more than it if i want it removed, i would need a cosmetic removal which we both thought is unnessacery.  So im relieved, and will just have to accept my mark as a new part of me.


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