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A couple of questions about Kaposi Sarcoma...

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Thanks everyone for the advice  8)  I will definitely give it more time. I can deal with a mark on my nose...just the bump itself is what bugs me. Someone suggested covering it with concealer...but I'm not that desperate lol

Brenner - just wondering, how long did it take for yours to go away? I've been doing the HAART thing since October. Though, since switching Truvada to Epzicom, I've been feeling amazing and I can feel things getting better. Also, sometimes scars and marks are sexy :P

I would say a couple of months and the bump was gone, but the colour still remains, albeit a little lighter than before. But the dermatologist confirmed that its under remission.
Atripla has been great for me... Almost 2 years on it and feeling great.


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