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I know it's been awhile (to long), but hopefully i'm back.  After that long walk up my hill of getting better (slowly), I not only stumbled back but went most of the way back down the hill. 

My CD4 went back down, VL went up, but DR. said VL is probably a blip, I also had pneunomia when I had my blood test. I have decided that I will  be one the "special" few who probably won't see 200 for a long time (Although getting back to 100 would be nice).  The one good thing is that there was no signs of the cervical cancer anymore.

I was supposed to go to Africa or India next year (2013) with the youth group at daddys church but my Dr. won't let me even if I do hit 200 by then.

I am still in school, and still trying to figure out STUPID ALGEBRA, and was only working one job but now i'm working two jobs. (both part-time).

I moved in with my boyfriend, and am now the mommy  of an 11 yr. old lab-chow mix, and a 2 yr. cat.

I missed everyone and hopefully am on the track to betterness in my life.

Hey, Michelle!  Welcome back.  I hate algebra.

Hey Michelle, me and Mark's museum friend in DC...Hope your numbers will get better, you stay well and enjoy your new surroundings.  Best of all for a happy new year.


Hey Michelle, glad you are back posting again! Hopefully we can get to see you in Chicago.


Hi Michelle, good to see you are heading in the right direction at last, and congratulations on being a mummy, they sound delightful.

Jan :-*


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