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Recent diagnosis and first time posting

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Hey thanks guys for the welcome and well-wishes :) It really means a lot to have a place to go to talk to other people who have or are going through similar situations. This site is actually where I found most all that I know about the virus while I was in the hospital. It's been a great resource.

And Texan, they sure are! I don't know where I'd be without her.

i havent told my mom yet...she has enough to worry about! what aprt of the country you in brandon?

I didn't get a choice in telling her, actually. She's a nurse, and the doctors told her while they had me under anesthesia for 2 days. Plus, she picked me up and put me in the car while I was asleep on the couch and took me to the ER...I was at the point where I was using her walker she had from a broken pelvis, and still couldn't support myself and passed out at random.

I'm in Phoenix.

Geez Brandon, 6'2"" and 119 at one point? Holy cow!

Glad you are feeling better, and it seems like you are on the road to recovery  ;) Onward and upward, right?

I'm glad mom is so supportive, mine was too. It actually shocked me how well my mom took it. Yes, some of us are so lucky to have mothers like that :) Just love her back real good, I lost mine in June and miss her terribly.

Glad you found us, and hope to see you around here!


Hey Brandon;  Welcome, and thanks for posting.  You have been through the ringer!  I am glad you are doing well and have such a good attitude.



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