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--- Quote from: wolfter on December 28, 2012, 02:30:56 AM ---Hope you don't mind but one of your points made me laugh.  Ampoterrible?   I did a couple of weeks in the hospital a few years ago and also had continuous infushions of that crap. 

--- End quote ---

hehe, yeah that's what all the doctors and my mom referred to it as. You know, it wasn't bad at first...had no reactions at all. But towards the end, I started getting the chills so bad my jaw would lock tight from clenching and I couldn't move. They had to have someone practically by my bed with 3 doses of Demerol. That was the only thing that would knock me out and control it.

Had you not suspected being infected with HIV prior to being admitted to the hospital?  I'm asking because you're younger and I wonder what messages you rec'd.  I'm still shocked that our youth aren't receiving the messages because of the ignorance of the moral right that influences school programs.

Your mom probably did know, parents have awareness about everything that affects their children. 

Yeah, I had suspected for a while before I was diagnosed. But, being ignorant, I was terrified to find out and afraid of the unknown, so I never took care of it. So, before being admitted, I had no clue. I would get colds and swollen glands that would last for weeks, and didn't think anything of it...just kept doing my thing thinking between working 60 hours a week and full time school, I was making myself sick.

As for school programs, you know, mine was worthless. Granted, my sex ed classes were really towards  the beginning of the whole AIDS/HIV issue (mid/early 90's), the classes didn't talk about anything other than wearing a condom...and I only had the class for a week, in 4th grade, and at that age, I didn't really even know what a condom was, let alone have any clue about sex. So, looking back and thinking forward, a lot more needs to be done to make sure kids (and even adults) are more aware of what this is and what it does.

As for mom, oh she knew. She knows everything about's kind of scary. But we've always been really close and I share everything with her anyway...but this was something I didn't want to admit to even myself, let alone her. I wouldn't even take myself to the doctor/ER...I kept thinking I would get better. I will NEVER do that again. I'm sure my ID is sick of me...I've called her a ton of times asking questions and with symptoms that just turn out to be me being a hypochondriac. Better safe than sorry. I wouldn't wish what I went through on anyone...even my worst enemy.

Welcome to the forums Brandon.

I'm new here myself.  Like you, I lurked around for a few months before diving in.  And from my limited interaction, it's a great place for support and information. 

It sounds like you've been through the wringer, but I'm glad to hear you're on the up (CD4 and spirits)!  And your mom's been so supportive!  Mine doesn't know yet, and I can't fathom her good ole Catholic reaction.  She still changes the subject when anything gay comes up.  If you don't mind my asking, when was your last negative test? 

Again, welcome, good luck, and good health in the new year. =)

Nerd - I didn't really get a choice in telling her lol...they had me sedated and under anesthesia for the first 3 days I was in the hospital. When I finally woke up, SHE told me what I had, not a doctor. My mom was raised in a hardcore Catholic family too. I was actually more terrified of coming out than this...and she hasn't had a problem with either. It might be a huge weight off your shoulders, and you never know, she may be more supportive than you think...but do it when you're ready. Don't let anyone push you in to it.

In some other good news, I got my bill from the 2.5 week hospital stay in September/ insurance plan was a 70/30, with a $7500 deductible... the bill was $356,000 and some change. United Health and Banner covered the entire thing. I cried when I read the letter. I thought for sure I'd be paying them for the rest of my life. good thing that United did for me. Looks like 2013 may be a good year, after all!


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