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Recent diagnosis and first time posting

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Jeff G:
Welcome , its great to hear your on the mend .

Welcome to the forums.  Man, you've been through hell.  So glad to hear things are much better.  I'm curious what your mom thought.  Did she think you had cancer, or did she have that mother's intuition and suspected HIV?

I look forward to hearing more from you.  We are a very supportive group.  Sure we have our differences at times, but we can come together again, after a heated debate.


Welcome aboard.  Hope you don't mind but one of your points made me laugh.  Ampoterrible?   I did a couple of weeks in the hospital a few years ago and also had continuous infushions of that crap. 

Once you've been through the hell you've experienced, it's nice to read that you're feeling ok with the diagnosis and are ready to deal with it.  Maintaining a sense of humor is definitely one way to work through it all. 

Looking forward to getting to know you more.  We'll hopefully see you over in the off topic section arguing debating each other.   ;D  As Teddy mentioned, we sometimes piss each other off, but we're usually the first to respond if someone truly needs something.


Thanks again everyone for the support :) definitely will be posting more often, for sure!

Will - definitely onward and upward. Positive attitude is what I think has really kept me going. BTW, looking at your signature, it looks like we're on the same pills...recently switched to Epzicom after the kidney failure. I think that one is responsible for making me feel amazing the last few weeks. And yeah, 119lbs. I can wear skinny jeans, and they would fall off my waist. I looked awful.

Ted - Mom was disappointed. I don't know what her reaction was when they told her because I was under, but I do know there was a lot of crying. She never did it in front of me, though. She told me this was one of her greatest fears when I came out, was that I wouldn't be safe...once again proved her right...but not in a way I wanted. She knew I didn't have cancer, so she says. She said she had suspected HIV for a couple of weeks, after I started losing weight more rapidly and just overall becoming so seriously ill.


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