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Recent diagnosis and first time posting

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Bsc86:'s my story. Name's Brandon. I've been lurking around for the last couple of months since my diagnosis and figured it was time to jump in. Plus I figured it'd be a good way to meet people :)

I was recently diagnosed at the end of September with a CD4 count of 8 when I went to the ER. I had been having issues with getting sick frequently, but never thought too much of it. Now, I'm not a small guy by any means...I'm 6'2", and weighed 195lbs in August of last year (2011). I started losing about 10lbs a month, and was excited for the weight loss...until I was down to 119lbs when my mom literally had to carry me in to the hospital because I couldn't walk without passing out. In June of this year I was having issues with getting so out of breath walking short distances, and passing out at random.

I spent the last week of September, and first 2 weeks of October in the ER. Diagnosed with PCP, CMV, Valley Fever, and AIDS wasting. It was a rough month for me. They told my mom that I would be gone in about 3 days, and they weren't sure they could do much for me.

I started doing Amphotericin treatments for 9 weeks, and my first regimen was Truvada, Norvir, and Prezista. Also taking Diflucan, and Valcyte. I had to go back to the hospital at the end of November for kidney failure (severe pain on my right side) from severe dehydration. ID doc decided to take me off Truvada and Valcyte because of the dehydration. She came to the conclusion that the mix of the two, and the Amphoterrible is probably what caused it. Spent another week in the hospital.

Anyway, long post, I know...but I have been back home for about a month now and feel great. At last check (2 weeks ago), CD4 was up to 114, but I don't remember the VL. And, I don't look like I just left a camp, weight-wise. I'm up to 160lbs :) I'm just hoping the feeling of feeling well again stays around this time. So far, I think it will.

I was terrified of my friends and family finding out at first. Everyone has been so supportive of me and so helpful. My mom has been nothing short of amazing and been by my side through the entire thing...I never would have expected it. It makes me sad to realize that some people aren't as lucky as I have been.

Ok...I'll end here. Look forward to talking to everyone and meeting new people :)
Thanks for reading!!

Welcome Brandon -
Glad you found the Forums and that your health is improving.
Sounds like you have a great support network - particularly in regards to your mother.

I look forward to hearing more from you and hope that you find the additional information and support you are looking for here in the Forums.

Once again, WELCOME and may you continue to feel better.


Welocme BSC.  We alll have our stories.  And the good part is, we are all here to support each other. Glad you're on the upswing.

Welcome...Glad to have you here. There is plenty of support on these forums. I am happy to hear your health is getting better.

Welcome Brandon! Sorry to hear things got so crazy for you but i'm glad youre taking control of your health! Moms are the best huh?


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