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You have been told repeatedly in the "Am I Infected" thread for well over a year that oral sex poses little to no risk of transmission.  If you choose not to believe the the folks here, why keep posing the question?

my question has nothing to do with oral sex

So please rephrase the questions?

my question is with some much different information out there, what are precautions that we should take and things that we shouldn't worry about.

he says his viral load is undetectable and that he's had unprotected sex with past partners and they remained negative.

what are things we can do instead of unprotected sex. i know you cant get it from kissing , or fingering or oral sex.

i've never done this before and i don't want to be scared going into this relationship, and also i dont want to walk away from it because of this situation

I was bored enough to read back through all the responses you've been given about this topic.  Always wear protection for vaginal and anal sex!!!!!!   It really is that simple.   Asking 100 different ways won't change that.

As paranoid as you've been, I find it difficult that you suddenly have "someone I care" has HIV.  Skirting the "Am I?" section seems more likely.


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