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You wonīt die of Aids

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The problem is I dinīt hire him. I was forced to go to him by the National Health System. Hiv is not treated privately here. Anyway, tomorrow will be the day...If I still dislike him, I will complain to the Hospital.

That's strange (and stupid)....that the government doesn't allow you to choose (or switch) doctors under your national health scheme?  Or is this just applicable to HIV disease treatment (still stupid if true)?


--- Quote from: blondbeauty on June 07, 2006, 08:03:42 PM --- its much better bein HIV+ than being diabetic or suffering a renal failure.

--- End quote ---

I've been type I diabetic since i was 10 ( 30 years ago)  on 4 injections a day and i was told last week that i am on the border of chronic kidney disease as they are functioning at 60 % of capacity.

However, my doctor tells me i can happily survive without noticing anything until they drop to 30 % then it's either transplant, dialysis or game over  ;D

I friend of mine fron Holland came to live here to have a kidney transplant. He had to wait foru years in hollad for it. He got it here in one year and a half. This is the country with more donations per inhabitant in the world.
Maybe you could do the same.


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