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You won´t die of Aids

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This appeared three days ago in a Spanish Newspaper.

Here is the translation:
OPINION "You no longer die of AIDS" BROWN SANTIAGO.
Writing about positive aspects of the epidemic in the early years or even a few years ago was hard and, describing my personal feelings about the most significant changes in terms of the clinical aspects in the first twenty five years of the history of AIDS has become a much easier task worth sharing.

the spectacular improvements in treatment options,life expectancy and quality of life ( for the majority of infected people in our society ) (= spaniards) are now commonly known.But perhaps we don't stop to think about the immediate repercussions of this: the virtual normalisation of the lives of those affected:- a full social and family life,work, long term personal projects, all of this was not possible before but is now the norm.

to be able to share this information means that a new diagnosis is not now a traumatic experience . patients know of the changes and in spite of the problems that we still have to solve which can affect them negatively, they have a distinctly different attitude to their situation and future prospects.

As medical staff we now have a lot of experience, lessons learned and a lot of useful tools to use both now and in the future to come which enable us to say to the majority of our patients " you won't die of aids now" Brown Santiago is head of Infectious Diseases of the Hospital Ramon and Cajal of Madrid.

Edited to substitute automatic translation for Mikes translation, which is much better.

VIH? ???

Hiv in Spain is VIH: Virus de la Inmunodeficiencia Humana.
Aids is Sida in Spain: Sindrome de Inmunodeficiencia Adquirida.

I was kidding, hence the smilie, but thanks for the clarification anyhow..

 :D :-*


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