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I was on here a couple months ago & asked if there was anyone that had been diagnosed with pml. I understand that the life expectancy for those that have is not very long but after 12 yrs of living with the effects of what this did to me, I'm still around although I must say that the thought of impending doom looms in my thought process so I'm wondering since no one has responded to my quest of finding other survivors if I'm the only one left. Tell me, Am I alone or is there at least another besides me ?

I've known people who developed this OI in the past but none of late since the advent of HAART.  The virus responsible for this condition lives within most people and only causes harm once your immune system is suppressed.  It is my understanding that once your HIV is controlled, your body will fight off the virus.

I almost died Cryptococcal meningo-encephalitis which is a fungus that also affects the brain.  I've met very few people who have had it and survived and I understand your need to discuss the issues with others.  Fortunately, we don't see these OIs very often these days.

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