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Spencer Cox, AIDS Activist, Dies at 44

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Jeff G:

--- Quote from: wolfter on January 02, 2013, 02:29:08 PM ---Here is a link that provides some insight into the troubles Mr. Cox was dealing with.  Most of it reads like a personal self experience for a lot of LTS.


--- End quote ---

Thanks for sharing this . Here is a quote from Mark King that sums up what some of us that's been there from the beginning of Aids feel ... it resonates with me . 

Quote from Mark King .
AIDS has always been creative in its cruelty. And it has learned to reach through the decades with the second-hand tools of disillusionment and depression and heart-numbing traumas. Or, perhaps, using the simple weapon of crystal meth, with all of its seductions and deceits.
Yes. There are many complications related to AIDS.
To consider “survivor’s guilt” the culprit behind the death of Spencer Cox is a popular explanation but not necessarily an accurate one. That condition suggests surviving when other, presumably worthier people, did not. Sometimes guilt has nothing to do with it.
For many of our AIDS war veterans, the real challenge today is living with the horror of having survived at all.

Very powerful and moving reading in that link....
The part that resonated the most with me...

Gay activists like Spencer were consumed by AIDS for so many gruesome years that many of them were shocked, once the war abated, to see how little around them had changed. Climbing from the trenches, they saw a gay culture that must have seemed ludicrous, packed with the same drug addictions, sexual compulsions and soulless shenanigans that AIDS, in its singular act of goodwill, had arrested for a decade or so.

They found themselves in a world in which no one wants to see battle scars, where intimacy is manufactured on keyboards and web sites, where any sense of community had long since faded from the AIDS organizations and now only makes brief appearances in 12-step meetings, or as likely, in the fraternity of active crystal meth addicts chasing deliverance in a dangerous shell game of bliss and desolation.

I think the reason the above drew me in is because of the amount of truth - sad truth - in each of the words written.

it is sad, yet understandable.
AIDS and hiv has become an almost nonexistant and distant crisis.
 :'( >:(

Miss Philicia:
from today's New York Times: Surviving AIDS, but Not the Life That Followed

The link was a fascinating read.

It shows how many of us have triumphs and trials in our journeys with this disease.


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