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what do you pay for health insurance in the USA?

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--- Quote from: mitch777 on January 02, 2013, 04:51:31 PM ---I would very much appreciate commentary here from anyone, even if you only pay a portion or nothing at all toward your insurance.

It is amazing how this country seems to stay so quiet on this topic!
Please speak out.

--- End quote ---

One question I am curious about since I dont live in the US:  Do you have to pay for the entire price of your HIV Medication or even a portion of it? How much does the treatment cost?


--- Quote from: _dave_ on January 07, 2013, 12:03:40 AM ---One question I am curious about since I dont live in the US:  Do you have to pay for the entire price of your HIV Medication or even a portion of it? How much does the treatment cost?

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This is a rather complicated couple of questions but I will try to give you the simplified answers.
Most people have either private health insurance (which can cost a bundle if your employer doesn't pay for it), or use "ADAP" (Aids Drug Assistance Program) (some states have waiting lists and each state has different requirements to become eligible), or are old enough to be on Medicare and pay extra for drug coverage.
The out of pocket costs to cover HIV drugs can be quite different for many reasons.
If you qualify for ADAP, the cost is covered entirely (at least here in Connecticut).
If you have insurance, you will most likely be paying a deductable which can vary depending on the insurance policy.
If you have ADAP and insurance, the insurance company picks up most of the tab and ADAP will pay the deductable. (at least here in Connecticut)
My guess is that most HIV drug treatments cost between $15,000-20,000 per year for "the basics".
(additional medications for HIV related health issues would be in addition)
So, the bottom line is, I doubt many people pay for the majority of the costs of their meds.

As you can see, if you have to pay for your own health insurance, the cost is not cheap!
(and the insurance rates rise with your age)

America is a great place to live if you are healthy, wealthy, or have a great health care insurance plan from an employer. :)

As I have insurance through work I didn't take part in the poll.  Since you asked for commentary from those who only pay a portion of their insurance I thought I outline what I pay a year.

Before I begin please know that I spent a long time without health insurance and ended up in the emergency room with shingles that covered most of my body one year because at the time I didn't have insurance or even the money to go to a CVS minute clinic.

My work place Health Insurance Plan (PPO 80/20) is damn good with me paying only about 280 a year and my company paying about 11,500. 

My Vision, Dental and Flex Spending account are an additional 2800 (give or take) a year for me (my expense) which brings my yearly total to just over 3,000 which is really nothing to complain about.  Also that is all taken out of my pay pre-tax so that reduces my tax amount as well.

The Flex spending pays for most of my meds and doctor appointments as well so outside of an unexpected hospitalization that 3k is pretty close to my over all health care costs taken out of my pocket. 

I guess if you add it with the company portion it is almost 15K which is why I am most grateful for my job even though it pays very little!

You are absolutely right about healthcare in the U.S.  It's ridiculous and far from the best in the world. 

I did participate in your poll even though my employer offers insurance.  I opt out because I doubt I'd be employed for long if I opted in.  So I "go naked" so to speak and pay for my own meds (generics).  My total health care costs run about $2500/year.

I'm thinking you may be able to save some money once Obama-care is in full swing.  The insurance exchanges are supposed to be up and running by Oct 2013, with policies active starting 1/2014.  I'm hoping to retire soon (I'm 56) and will probably look to purchase private insurance through the exchange of my state of residence.


--- Quote from: Jmarksto on January 05, 2013, 01:13:56 PM --- The currently "entrenched health care system" has pulled the wool over the public's eyes (that they have the best health care in the world, that they have choice, its "free market", .... all of which are fallacies).

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Well, I think we DO have some of the best health care in the world.  Top notch research and care facilities available all across the country (not in every community, I know -- but in very large areas all across the country).  What we do NOT have is the best ACCESS to all this great care.  For those with great insurance or deep pockets, you can partake in this great care -- if you don't, well.........  get really sick then they will be forced to care for you.

Anyway -- my point is that we often say that the US does not have great healthcare and that just isn't true -- it is the access piece that is lacking -- sorely lacking for many.

And the "reason" most people don't want national healthcare is that "they" (currently) have access to all this great care and don't want to "mess it up". It is short sighted view, as we all know someone who lost insurance and suddenly that "great health care" was no longer available.



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