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what do you pay for health insurance in the USA?

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This poll is for individual coverage only.
ALSO, the cost in this poll EXCLUDES any out of pocket expenses other than the cost of insurance.
(no co-pays or deductables included)

This is by no means a scientific poll.
Cost of insurance is based on many factors including age, benefits, etc.

My personal health insurance costs me over $13,000. per year and is expected to jump to in excess of $16,000. next year.
( I am not in any kind of health care insurance "pool")

Hope to hear from as many of you as possible.


comments are welcome!

my out of pocket costs this year above and beyond the cost of insurance are in excess of an additional $2000.00 this year.

First of all, I would like to thank those of you who are taking my poll.
It really is just out of curiosity and thought it might come as a shocker to those who don't have to pay for their own insurance.
The rates will vary greatly depending on so many issue... especially age.

I came home today to discover that I will be paying $14,800. per year this year!
Ugh! >:(
(I am 53 years old)

With BCBS rate card that came along with the bad news, NOT including future rate increases, this is what it would cost for my plan in the following age brackets for a male:

30-39 $6500.00 per year
40-44 $9000.00
45-49 $12,000.00
50-54 $14,800.00
55-59 $18,600.00
60-64 $24,900.00

Of course, you will have to expect THESE horrible rates will likely increase 10-20% PER YEAR as these are their current rates.

I would very much appreciate commentary here from anyone, even if you only pay a portion or nothing at all toward your insurance.

It is amazing how this country seems to stay so quiet on this topic!
Please speak out.

PS- any solutions to reduce costs would be helpful. I have looked into a less expensive plan, but the deductables and co-pays would simply increase to the point where it still is not feasible.

Just thought of another angle to try to get those of you who think you are "non-affected" with this more involved...

Think of all of the mom and pop dry cleaners, restaurant owners, small retail owners, self employed small guys/gals in any business venture that have to pay for their own insurance.

A couple in their 50's, or 60's is faced with paying $30,000-50,000+++ per year for health insurance.

If you expect them to survive, the costs of the goods and/or services are going to go through the roof.

I hope everyone prepares for the results.
ie: shopping at walmart and dining at nationally owned chain restaurants that hire employees at minimum wage and offer few if any benefits AND do not contribute in a substantial way to the community.

sorry for my rant, but healthcare has gotten out of control.

(i am a left wing national health care advocate)


--- Quote from: mitch777 on January 02, 2013, 06:51:46 PM ---(i am a left wing national health care advocate)

--- End quote ---

Me too....

It just baffles me that the average american doesn't see that they would be better off with a nationalized system.  The currently "entrenched health care system" has pulled the wool over the public's eyes (that they have the best health care in the world, that they have choice, its "free market", .... all of which are fallacies).

We'll see how Obama care evolves, I hope it starts us down the path of a more humane system -- until then all we can do is rant.



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