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Anyone on Zoloft?

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I have been taking zoloft for many years without side affects.  It took many different medications before I found one that worked for me and didn't have nasty side affects.

Hey guys & gals, pretty amazed at how many people have contributed to this thread I started way back in December, thanks for the input! As for Zoloft, I gave it a try for a few months and it helped my anxiety at times but it also began to make me feel very jittery and I actually had some bad panic attacks while on it, more so than even before I started taking it. I am a severe claustrophobic, and also have some social anxiety, and it did not seem to help those trigger situations very much. I started out on 50mg, and that was my dose the whole time I was on it. I did get bad insomnia at times, and I already suffered from insomnia, so that sucked.

At any rate, I stuck it out, but after talking with my doctor again, we decided to try Paroxetine (Paxil) to replace the Zoloft. I will be starting it next week 37.5 mg will be my dose. Doc told me Paxil is less activating than Zoloft and may help reduce my jitters and is more sedating. That has been one of my complaints on the zoloft I know everyone's different but it does seem to make me feel like I can't relax my brain at times.

So I am looking forward to starting the Paxil! I also am on a beta blocker as needed for major trigger situations like for crowds or before presentations, and the beta blocker really helps a lot!


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