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Anyone on Zoloft?

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Are you seeing a therapist or is it a General Practitioner or your HIV doc who is prescribing the anti-depressant.

You are caught in a destructive catch-22 - so anxious - so you need an anti-anxiety treatment, and once one is offered to you, too anxious to try it.  :-\

Its a pity you have extrapolated from SOME peoples' bad experiences to think you will have the same, with zoloft.  The reason zoloft is so popular is that it works!! and People can deal with the side effects, OR THEY DON'T GET SIDE EFFECTS.

Stop suffering and take a step forward.  If you get side effects, discuss the next step at that time with your doc.  If you don't get anxiety relief, you won't stay on it anyway. 

Sounds like you need a therapist if that is possible, and you need to trust outside opinion on your mental health, some professional WHO YOU TRUST, and start trying out some recommended solutions even if you are anxious about doing so.

Miss Philicia:
Robby, when you go on one of these drugs and they cause sexual issues you can just switch to something else. The sexual issues don't stay present once you go off the medication at least in my past experience.

Mecch, my general practicioner prescribed the zoloft for me. Basically what happened was I was in a period of severe lack of sleep, which prompted me to see my social worker at the HIV clinic where I am a patient. I told her of my problems sleeping, and she made an appointment for me with my GP, who seemed to think zoloft would be worth trying. I guess it's par for the course nowadays, but my gp (while she is really nice) always seems hurried and rushed and I feel like I can't quite articulate what I am going through. My problem is partly trust. I don't trust someone I can talk to about these issues, and I felt like my so-called social worker was a bit judgmental and eager to push me onto meds instead of hear my concerns. She was nice enough I suppose, but the day I went in and told her of my severe anxiety, which was a BIG step for me to do, I felt she was examining me more like a lab rat than a person. She just didn't really seem to make me feel like I did the right thing by telling someone about it. Maybe social workers just don't get anxiety, I don't know. Maybe that's just not their thing. I can't stand when people act like they are snooty or turn their noses up when you're going through something as awful as anxiety..I am not sure if the clinic I go to has a mental health specialist, but if so, I guess I could ask to see her. The social worker wanted me to try a wellness class for relaxation, which could be good I suppose, but I feel I need to settle my thoughts down before I do anything like that. And I don't have anxiety all the time, just at times. But at any rate, I've had the zoloft for two weeks and have been too anxious to try it yet. It is a catch 22! Im anxious, but part of me thinks if I just change my lifestyle or make myself think better, I won't need meds, while the other part of me thinks I should try the meds. I feel I don't have anyone to talk to about the anxiety or the medication. The social worker is okay but she just seemed a bit uppity, and turned off when I attempted to articulate my feelings. I'm not the type to open up to others very well. So I hope I can get this settled, I'm leaning towards trying the meds, but like Miss Philicia said once about zoloft, if it ruins your sexual desire, won't that only make your upset feelings worse?

My dear you really are having rolling thoughts.  Its a pity you didn't feel good with the social worker, or with the GP. On the other hand, perhaps their recommendations are not efforts to warehouse you or shut you up and get rid of you.  If you can get some continuing mental health attention, that will be great. But it does not mean that trying right now, an SSRI, is a bad idea. Is a good idea. (And your equipment is NOT going to permanently break. And you may very well have no sexual effects.  The point of the drug is that MENTAL HEALTH is ESSENTIAL)

Both the social worker and the doctor are not steering you wrong.  They are offering a possible helping hand in the SSRI. 

You are not seeing things clearly if you think there are things to adjust in your life BEFORE trying ot cut down this anxiety.  A fallacy.  You start trying ways to cut anxiety NOW.  Try the relaxtion class. Try to get in to see a therapist.  And goodlord try the SSRI already. And stick with it for several weeks at least.  Get a notebook and write down how its going - the good and bad.  Share it with social worker, doc, any potential therapist, or on here in the forum. 

You're a bit frozen in the headlights.  Time to move.

Mecch I'm about to say fuck it and just try the zoloft. If it worked for the late great Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes guess it could potentially work for me lol. I am going to try to see an actual psychiatrist at some point too.  Or I could just have a vodka haha. And if my equipment goes limp, eh, there are other ways of having fun right  ;) Seriously though, I agree that I have to take the initiative and do something. I am going to beat this I know it! On another note, I really hope that some major research gets done at some point, (if it is not already) on the possible relationship between hiv medication and depression/anxiety, because I do suspect a linkage.


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