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Anyone on Zoloft?

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I hope what I said about sexual side-effects didn't influence your decision.  Have you done research that says Zoloft is worst than others?  I have no idea whether it has a higher sexual effect than others.  As I said, many do great on Zoloft with little or no side-effects.  It is hard to describe ones experience with a drug, without it sounding like something everyone should avoid.  It may agree with you perfectly. 

With depression meds, it may be best for us not to bad mouth a med, since it does not necessarily mean it will happen to others.  I stayed on it too long, after the side-effects did not go away.  Now, I would know to make a change to something else.   

If you don't go with Zoloft, please don't put off trying something else, if you and your doc feel it would benefit you. 

Robby, i can only describe what it did for me.  I've tried a few SSRI Zoloft being one of them for about 2 months and i felt comatose most of the time, i believe i was taking too high of a dose.  The sexual side effect i had on zoloft, is i just didnt have any sexual thoughts.  plain and simple.

I also took Effexor and it was even worse, no sexual thoughts at all, then when i finally forced myself to masterbate i had what they call anorgasmia.  I had an orgasm, but with no feeling.  i cut these off as well.

the only anti depressive i've taken that had the least side-effect is Wellbutrin, i've stopped and started it, but my doctor wants me to follow thru for more weeks to see if it makes me feel better and/or more energetic

Thanks for all the helpful responses so far guys! My doc prescribed the zoloft in 50 mg for me but suggested I cut it in half to 25 and try that once a day for awhile. Again, I suffer more from anxiety than depression, I actually don't consider myself clinically or majorly depressed at all. However, being 30, my sexual prowress is important to me. I sure as hell don't want to risk fucking up my ability to orgasm or cum, as blatant as that sounds. I mean, that would actually make me depressed! Sure, I need something for my anxiety, but I don't need something to mess my plumbing up in the process. Sheesh, looks like medicine would have more to offer us! For now I don't think I'll be taking the zoloft, I'm scared to take it because I don't want to turn into a zombie or ruin my sex life. So I guess I'll hold out until I see my doc again and maybe ask for something with less sexual side effects. Maybe Ativan would be a better option, or low-dose Paxil? I definately need something for my anxiety but not at the expense of my plumbing. All the research on zoloft I've done says that it is well-known to make ejaculation very difficult, or impossible. Who needs that? Not me! I'll pass! Shame there aren't better anti-anxiety options out there for men.

My experience with zoloft was that it caused major stomach issues, admittedly I was on an extremely high dosage.


Thanks for all the comments guys, I just don't know what to do. I am having major anxiety and depressive thoughts, which are becoming slightly out of hand for me at times. They just feel like they are sweeping over me like a tide. I have the zoloft my doc prescribed me, and I'm supposed to see her late this month for a follow up. I feel sort of stupid that I haven't taken one yet, due to my anxiety about the side effects. But I'm scared they'll ruin my sexual functions, as trivial as that might sound, but this is based on a lot of research I've seen about guys saying zoloft killed their sex drives. I'm also a bit scared that zoloft will cause me to lose weight, and I'm already slim, so I don't need that! So I dunno what to do. I can't really live with this anxiety though. I was hoping to tough it out without any medications, but if this keeps up, I don't know if that is realistic. I really want to avoid Benzos, or anything that's going to hype me up. I just want something to help me function better without these sad thoughts and not kill my sex drive and sleep. I've heard good things about Remeron, or Trazodone, but when I mentioned Trazodone, my doc seemed reluctant about it because it is a tranquilizer. But it's still an anti-depressant right? So i don't get it? What about Paxil or Prozac. From my research, the one that seems to preserve sleep while not disrupting sexual functions is Remeron, maybe it is the slim guy's anti-depressant, I dunno..Just wondering if I should say fuck it and try the zoloft for a couple weeks.


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