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Anyone on Zoloft?

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I just saw my GP and she prescribed me Zoloft for anxiety. I told her I was having trouble falling asleep at night, and this was increasing my anxiety. So she said she wanted to give me a low-dose med to help control my anxiety while also potentially helping my sleep. She also said I could take Melatonin as needed when I asked her about it. I've never taken an anti-anxiety/anti-depressant so I'm pretty treatment naive there. Anyone on here taken zoloft? I am not seriously depressed, nor do I have uncontrollable mood swings, just minor to moderate anxiety and trouble falling asleep. I'm sort of scared to start taking the zoloft, but I know I do need something to help calm me down and especially help me fall asleep better. I'd appreciate some insight/experience if anyone cares to share, about the zoloft. Thanks! xo

My therapist prescribed zoloft when I went through a nasty event and my anxiety went through the roof.  It was VERY helpful.  About six months later I stopped taking it.  A couple of months later I got HIV and took it again, and again it was very helpful. 

Don't be afraid. Just take it and see if you find it helpful. They say it can take awhile to work but mine kicked in very quickly. 

Sounds like you had a good experience with it mecch..I'm glad it's not a benzo because I want to avoid that class. I haven't taken the zoloft yet. Hopefully I'll get enough courage to at some point. I do need some help with anxiety but I also need help falling asleep. Hopefully the zoloft will help in those areas. So you didn't have any side effects with it?

I don't know what it does for falling asleep. I have different pills for that - i think they are called zolderm.
Yeah you probably are wondering about sexual dysfunction.  I had a buddy who couldn't come on Zoloft. No way no how.  I noticed maybe some delayed orgasms - taking a long time to come.
I got the prescription to deal with anxiety. I thought it worked well. And then when i didn't need it, it wasn't much to cut off. 
I also have lorazepam for anxiety but I maybe take it once a month if even that.

I think if its for depression someone can stay on it indefinitely.  I think with anxiety its good to try different things and certainly modifying thinking and behavior to cope with anxious making situations.

Zoloft didn't work for me.  Plus, it gave me bad facial muscle twitches and gave me a bad metallic taste.  And, it took me forever to have an orgasm.  I hated that, but my partners enjoyed it, because I could go an hour, instead of five mins.  After stopping it, it took months, before the sexual side-effects went away.

But, remember that depression meds work differently on different people.  You may not have any side-effects.  Prozac worked well for me, but I know people who hated it, saying it caused the side-effects I had with Zoloft.  I was on Zoloft around age 17.  I may take it today and have no problems. 

All the best and let us know how it goes. 


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