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Condom Slip - please help

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Sorry but I haven't asked a question like this before? I was just worried as it could be blood on blood contact


This absolutely CANNOT be considered an hiv situation. If you'd been paying attention to what we've been telling you for over a year, you'd understand this.

In adults, hiv is transmitted through:

Unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse.

Sharing drug injecting equipment.

And that's IT. Nose to nose touching can't possibly come into it, unless you both happened to cut your noses off before your faces touched. Get real.

We've recommended you seek counselling for your over-the-top hiv phobia. We've told you that we cannot help you with that here.

You have already had two time outs for posting about NO RISK situations.

If you've read the Welcome Thread like you're supposed to, you'd know that there is no third time out - it is a permanent ban.

You are now permanently banned. Don't even bother to attempt to create a new account - it will also be banned.




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