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Jeff G:

--- Quote from: paulv21981 on March 15, 2013, 10:58:59 PM ---Thanks for your quick response.
So what do they mean by open cuts on the skin is a way HIV can be transmitted?

Does it mean a deep cut on your hand and you masturbate a guy and he cums in the open cut?

--- End quote ---

HIV is a fragile virus and is actually a hard to transmit virus . There is allot , I mean allot of bad information out there . Im going to ask you to use your common sense and think about it . If you had a cut on your hand deep enough to transmit HIV , do you really think you would be masturbating a guy to completion without so much pain. If HIV was this easy to pass back and forth all humanity would be infected by now and we know that this isn't true and that people NEVER get HIV from giving handjobs , scratches or no scratches .

You know how HIV is contracted and that's is by engaging in unprotected vaginal or anal sex ...period . The next time you begin to question your HIV status and risk , just stop and ask yourself did I have unprotected anal or vaginal sex . If the answer is no , then you can believe in what you already know and that's that you are indeed HIV negative and simply worrying again over nothing . You do already know the answers , just believe in yourself .   

Thanks for that. Yes I do kind of know I don't really know whats wrong, probably doubting yourself. Or I have never been one who likes to say Oh I will pass this exam and when I don't I feel that I was silly for saying it.
So I think it comes to this - saying oh I had no risk at all but then I get it and feel silly for not going to a&e for pep or I would get angry with myself.

Anyway, I know I am being stupid. I have had anal sex with 3 guys protected and two only lasted under one minute in 6 months and I have had 3 HIV test.

Do you know much about the skin? for example I know that a scratch or cut would have to be deep - due to the amount of layers to make it open to the bloodstream. Do you know anything about how deep to open the bloodstream. I read something like you have 10 layers of skin, then fat which is thick then the muscle - so in all that where is the opening? is in in the fat after all the layers?

Basically I think that if the was an opening for HIV on your hand of anywhere on your body you wouldn't really leave the house without a plaster or bandage on it because you would be covered or your clothes in blood.
I'm I right about that?

My scratch - which I will say scratch because there was no blood - so I would say 100% no risk on that due to the skin not really being open just look like a very faded scar.

Jeff G:
HIV isn't contracted or acquired through scratches and cuts and I wrote what I did to illustrate that HIV isn't your problem , your fear of HIV is the problem . There is little we can do to help you overcome that fear other than suggest you seek counseling and therapy to get past your fears . Im wising you the best of luck and letting you know we cant continue to answer your questions in good conscious all the while knowing we cant offer you the help you need . After a point answering your questions is simply enabling you to come here for help that we cant give . Peace to you my friend .

Thanks Jeff,

I know your right, but thanks for taking the time to re assure me.
My nurse said the same thing to me and I have started to see someone about that.

Just to update.

I went to A&E today and spoke about the situation above. He said that an open cut has to be fresh and bleeding and the HIV + would have to bleed into the the open cut for there to be any risk but still is very very low.

With regards to open cuts it is blood to blood. You wouldn't catch HIV in a semen to  blood kind of way. Semen to blood can happens with the mucuous membrane because its easy for semen to be absorbed, when it cuts or tears the membrane is unable to halt infection. Whereas skin is strong and able to do this with regards to semen.

He looked at my scratch and also said that its not even a cut and so no risk at all. But he also said I can't say no risk but I do actually mean no risk. He said if it was a deep cut then it would of healed the way it is now.

What I have found in this country is that when there is no risk - they say very low risk - no Doctors can say you had a zero risk of HIV - if you had sexual contact they will never say no risk (but they do actually mean no risk).

I have been lucky the past few months and had knowledgeable Doctors who give me straight answers.

Anyway I am always learning. Thanks to everyone on here that replies to my questions.



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