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Condom Slip - please help

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I know the condom slip was no risk and the guy rubbing his penis around my balls and cumming there was no risk. I licked his anus for a while. This incident happened as you know on the 12th Jan.

I had the rapid test on the 28th Jan.

I noticed today spots over my back, unsure if this is  HIV rash or just spots as I do have oily skin. The spots as you can see are not blotchy. I have put a picture up, please can you look at it and see in your experience if this looks like a ARS HIV rash.

Also as the incident happen on the 12th - how likely would the actions of the event show on the 28th Jan.

Please look at the pictures below :

edited by Ann to remove photos

I will look forward to hearing your reply.




We do not do diagnosis here, as you well know. I removed your photos.


This has gone on long enough. I'm giving you that time out you've been warned about. Do not attempt to create a new account to get around your time out because if you do, you will be permanently banned.



Well from all my panic in previous posts there were all non risk which I was told and yeah I am like most people on here and ask and ask and can't control myself.

I had bad oral health as I didn't go to the dentist for 14 years. Now I have been had fillings and had a full clean. But even with my so called risk its ok, because they weren't really risks which I know more now.

Now.....I already think I know the answer to this but still I'm unsure and want to know I'm right.

I went to a sauna on Thursday -
I didn't perform oral on anyone -
Just had about 3 guys perform oral on me -
Never had anal sex

The night before (around 15 hours) I removed my hair with hair removal cream and used a plastic spatula.
One area I cut but it wasn't a bleeding cut it was more like a scratch. So I saw no blood. But when I touch it now it has the rough feeling like there was a cut there.

So anyway on the Thursday when I woke up I put Germolene on it.
I also went in the hot tube for a bit when I arrived at the sauna which I think would help heal it up.

On the Thursday when I saw the scratch I had no blood and it didn't look open. I'm guessing that an open cut would be bleeding.

Anyway no-one came over it but I may of had pre cum around the scratch.

So my question is would I be at risk?

I think not, and I think that I could be at risk if the cut was deep open and the person's cum came into contact with the cut straight away - but still this wouldn't be that much of risk because the virus would of been exposed to air and die within seconds?

I just would like to see if I'm right?

Again the cut was not bleeding and didn't look open. So if this was no risk
What if the cut was bleeding and was open. Would that be risk or no risk?

That was my incident.

This is a little question that I shouldn't ask because you only assess incidents and don't answer question of  "If's"

But I would like to know what happens if you pick a spot that bleeds and its open and a guy cums on your face over that spot.
Would that be a risk?
Or if you have a spot on your back that is bleeding and you lay on a bench that has cum or blood on it.
I think these would be no risk due to the virus not surviving outside the body?????

Thanks in advance


Jeff G:
Um .... You absolutely did NOT have a risk and do not need to test over any of the incidents you had . Picking a sore for a guy to cum on isnt a risk for HIV nor is it a risk lay in a puddle some one left behind , this isn't the way HIV is contracted so you are OK and do not need to worry . 

Thanks for your quick response.
So what do they mean by open cuts on the skin is a way HIV can be transmitted?

Does it mean a deep cut on your hand and you masturbate a guy and he cums in the open cut?


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