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Condom Slip - please help

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Andy Velez:
Paul, Ann has already covered your issues very thoroughly within the context of clearly stating you did not have a risk for HIV.

We're not going to indulge your obsessive drama about your non-risk by answering your latest list of what ifs.

Now I am going to warn you that if you continue to return here about this non-risk you are going to find yourself getting a Time Out for at least 28 days from the site. HIV is not your problem. Period.

If you have symptoms discuss them with the appropriate medical person. If you can't let go of your unwarranted fears then see a professional with whom you can discuss the situation. We can't do that for you in this setting.

Consider yourself warned. 

Thanks Andy,

Sorry to go on about it...just I was and still I'm a little worried - maybe not as much now... as I do think that to catch it from blow jobs you mouth has to be very bad and that is with cum in your mouth.

I am talking about pre-cum in my mouth, if that - as I am still not sure if I got pre cum in my mouth.

My oral hygiene is not gums are very pink colour - just my back teeth has a little plaque on the bottom.


Andy Velez:
Doubts and fears are not facts. You are worrying needlessly. Give it up and get on with your life. Really.

Hi....its me again with a question.

I hope I have posted this right? Because I am not sure if I should start a new thread or use this one.

Basically I have a bf before the situation of having oral sex with the guys and we were in closed relationship - we spit up due to me being stupid with the guys - we split up before I did oral - not because I went with other guys. We still spoke and now we are back together.

I told him everything about what I did and he said no risk and we have had unprotected anal sex. I came in his ass. I know you have said that I never had a risk when I did oral - but my question is.....if I did catch HIV from oral then had anal sex and came in a guys ass around 1-3 months after exposure.

We both are in a stronger relationship and I was stupid in October - I trust him 100% and always trusted him and he feels the same way to me.

I told him all about my experiences in Oct and he tells me that if he thought I was at risk he wouldnt of had unprotected sex with me.

If I did catch it from oral sex I would guess that I would be very highly infectious viral load.

I would like to know the risk of him catching if I have it?


If you had recently contracted HIV then the risk to him was the highest possible level. It is not uncommon for recently infected people to have viral loads in the hundreds if thousands if not millions. And for your partner, receptive snap sex is the absolute highest sexual risk.

But you did not have a legitimate risk and are not infected.  And had you simply gotten a test at three months before you had unprotected anal sex with your boyfriend, you would be sure of your status and this situation would not have arisen.


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