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OK, So last month I met a few guys and preformed oral sex on. None came in my mouth but I don't know if I got pre cum in my mouth.

I always thought my oral hygiene was ok - I brush my teeth twice a day sometimes more. But recently I have seen blood when I brush sometimes. I never spit blood in general - however one day I was pressing on my lip a bit and noticed a little blood but when I went to brush my teeth 5 minutes later no blood was there.

My friend took a look at my gums for me and he said they are very healthy. He said they are very light pink. If you had bleeding gums they would be red.

Ok. So I haven't been to the dentist for 7 years which yes I know is very bad but I guess that would mean I have bad oral hygiene for not going to the dentist.

Now I am worried that I have caught HIV from sucking with not being to the dentist for 7 years and potential having bleeding gums ect.

What is the risk??? Considering that no-one came in my mouth.

How bad do your gums have to bleed?



You never had an exposure from oral sex.

Thanks for your reply. Even with bleeding gums???

My friend has said the same thing, but he said no risk because no-one came in my mouth and he doesn't think I have bleeding gums because my gums are pink. But I am worried about pre-cum.

I want to go to dentist for check up and keep going every six months, but I'm dead dead worried that when I go the dentist will say your gums are very bad and you have a very bad case of bleeding gums. Then I will be even more worried than I am now.

The last person I was with was 4 weeks ago. So from what I have read I could get tested in 2 weeks and it would give me a kind of clear indication of my status.


Since we have yet to absolutely verify transmission through oral sex outside of patient report after the fact, it's anybody's guess as to what extent bleeding gums present a risk for HIV infection. If you want to know the current guideline used on this forum, I suggest you Google "meth mouth." That would illustrate the amount of damage necessary to overcome the dozen or so different elements in saliva that neutralize HIV.

Again, it's theoretical until we can actually verify, in serodiscordant relationship studies,a case of transmission through oral sex.

Personally, I think you are worried over nothing. The statistics on HIV infection point to unprotected anal and vaginal sex being the primary if not the ONLY means of transmission.

If you feel you need to test for peace of mind, go for it. But this does not sound at all like an HIV risk.

OK, Thanks for the reply.... saliva can kill the virus....but if your mouth has large cuts and more than one and a load of other things going on in your mouth, the saliva will basically not be able to cope with killing the virus before it reaches open cuts?

To this theory then. I assume that there is less virus in pre-cum. So it will be easier for saliva to kill pre-cum than cum? Is that correct?

I have googled meth mouth and my mouth is no-way near like that. I have took a pictures see what you think. There is a little tar tar at my back teeth and a little stain on front. But the gums look pink. I am unable to post these pictures though.


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