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Nelson Vergel's Supplements And What About Aspirin?


I haven't taken advantage of this forum yet, and I see many of the supplements he takes have running threads.  I will read those.  Thought some may be interested in what he takes.  I hear so many conflicting reports.  There has been many reports lately that they are a waste of money--our bodies can't process them, we get enough already, to they can be toxic. 

Another topic is aspirin.  We hear how it has so many benefits, and can help with inflammation associated with HIV.  I am curious how many take aspirin daily.  Whenever I ask doctors about it, they always say there is not enough info to make a firm statement that it would be good for their patients, especially in younger patients.

I don't take any supplements and in general beleive they are a giant waste of money.  Example, I drink green tea (and Matcha) both for its health benefits and because I like it.  There are actually many studies showing that the antioxidant in green tea (EGCG) is thought to have anti-HIV effects as well as having anti-cancer properties.  Now I can drink green tea at a cost of $0.50 a glass or I can spend $39.99 for a bottle of processed, unknown ingredient pills that I will just end up peeing out anyway.  I choose to just drink the real thing. I also just would rather to eat a balanced diet and stay away from crap and spend my money on something else.

I do take a fish oil pill each day and I take a low-dose (baby) asprin each day.  However, those were both recommended by my doctor due to a family history and personal risk factors for heart disease.

Side note, I have often thought of starting my own vitamin and supplement company because the profit margins are soooooo high (most vitamins adn supplements cost penny's to make and sell at huge profits).  If anyone has a reasonable business plan, lets talk :-)

I take one Aspirin a day.

The last news I read is that apirin everyday is good for most people middle aged and on and that it might be better if it is generic cheap uncoated aspirin.


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