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what to expect?

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Hey Tex:

What to expect? 

In my opinion. your CD4+ is on the low end of normal, very similar in VL and CD4+ when my immune system lost control of HIV.

What to expect?

A wonderful life, a wonderful future, which you've known all along, in the sincerity of your own heart and being . . . you've been all along . . . despite the strengths and weaknesses, the triumphs and failures.

Do not fear or have anxiety.  Easier said then done. 

But please trust that all is well.  You are in no danger.

i get those eczema flare-up still from time to time, mostly around my beard and eye-brows.  I tried Elidel, but it made my face burn, so doctor switched me to a cortizone prescription cream.  It has 3 types of medications in it and they also have it in generic as well.   i only use it when i get a flare-up.

you will do fine, it just will take a while to get into the groove of things.


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