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Hey everyone, hope someone can give me some advice/insight. I am going to see my GP tomorrow about some insomnia/sleep problems I've been having. I was taking Atripla for two years and started Complera a week ago to see if it helped my sleep problems but if anything they have gotten worse and I was so used to the Atripla that my counselor now things the HIV meds probably weren't causing my anxiety or sleeplessness because I had them regardless of whether I was taking Atripla or Complera. And since I've been on Complera, I have had some major bouts of depression and anxiety, none of which I had while on Atripla. So I guess I will just go back to taking Atripla and whatever other meds my GP prescribes me. Basically the issue has been falling asleep. I also have mild anxiety and occasional panic attacks along with mild depression. None of this has ever bee treated, because I didn't want to admit that I had those issues, and I guess I was reluctant to take meds for them. But I'm tired of being crippled by the insomnia and anxiety, so I am going to tell my GP about them and hope she can give me something to help. Just wondering, what specific insomnia/anxiety or mild anti-depressants should I ask for? I'll probably get the generic versions of whatever she gives me, due to the lesser cost. But I'm wondering, I have heard good things about Trazodone, is that a good anti-insomnia/anxiety med? How about paxil? Or any other low-side effect, effective ones? I'm new to this whole class of meds so my doc will probably start me out on low doses.

My counselor said the doc probably won't start me out on something strong like Ambien or Lunesta, which I am slightly scared of, because of their strong addictive properties. So I think it will be best to try Trazodone or maybe Paxil, but I'm pretty treatment naive. Just wondering if anyone else on here has insomnia/anxiety and what are good entry-level effective options? Thanks a bunch!

I have suffered insomnia for a long time.  About a year ago, I finally discussed it with my doctor.  Although Paxil is an antidepressant, one side affect is that it causes drowsiness.  I only take it the nights that I have difficulty slowing my brain down long enough to fall asleep.

Since you're suffering insomnia and anxiety, this might be a good option to start with.

Best of luck

Thanks wolfie, I am going to ask for Trazodone because I have heard it is easily tolerated, compatible with HIV meds and is effective. No sure but I don't think it is a benzo, which is good. I hope to try and avoid benzos but if my doc thinks I absolutely need them, I will try a low dose to see..

Joe K:
Hey Robby,

I've been using Trazodone for years and the nice thing about the drug is it has a 4-hour half-life.  That means that within 8 hours all of the drug is out of your system.  I take it one hour before I want to sleep and it keeps me asleep for at least 6-7 hours.  I like the fact that I don't wake up feeling groggy and you can get it varying dosages so you take just as much as you need and no more.


Trazodone sounds like a good bet for me. I will ask for it or the generic version. Unless the regular is reasonably priced. So if I decide to go back on Atripla and take it at night before bed, can I take the Trazodone near the same time and it still be effectibe at night?


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