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Truvada & Isentress - FLATULENCE >>>>FAAAART!!!

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Hi everyone I just wanted to get some feedback from you in terms of your treatment.

Im 2.5 yrs HIV + diagnosed, my numbers were good until very recently... LOW viral low until my CD went down... as expected.... 250.

No choice to start therapy.. although I have been running away from it. Halloween night I started with my combo, 2 pills 9am and 1 pill 9pm.

First week, I was going to washroom about 7 times a day... I was like a bird making number 2s all the time.. and my stomach was super super full of was really TERRIBLE... to be in work meeting and feeling like I has an alien kicking inside my stomach.

I noticed I could not sleep well at night.... so I changed my schedule to 7am and 7pm. that made it for me, im back to be a sleeping beauty... IN ALL sense of the word :)

Other side effects... light nausea... really nothing major... no headaches... no diarreah, no pains, no rash. zero.

After only 1 month...(not even finished my first month) I became UD.... my doc was really shocked how good this combo is...

right now the only adverse side effect... FARTS.... I really hate that... Im most times bearing so many farts is not funny... I look like a 5 month pregnant guy... AND NOT the good pregnant...If u know what I mean

Should I expect this to disappear...??? Any other experiences...

If this combo keep making me flatulent like this.. Im thinking switching to Kevixa...

HELP!!! prrrrrrt...sorry I said I was flatulent


hey poz!

welcome to the forums!
Wow! what an opener! :)

as for the side effects of the meds...
hang tight.
side effects can take awhile to improve.
while there are several "options" of meds available, you also need to realize that the options are still limited to a point.
give it some time.

congrats on your great results on meds!

take care.

Miss Philicia:
The viead is Truvada can cause you to fart. It stops after a few weeks.

I just recently started Isentress + Truvada and you aren't alone! I had gas for a couple weeks, but then it went away over time.

Make sure you increase your fiber intake while on this! I've noticed some constipation, but that ended quickly with fiber supplements. ;)

I was diagnosed in September '12 and once I switched from Atripla to Isentress+Truvada, my VL dropped big time and my CD4 skyrocket up plus my energy levels are so much better :)

Good luck!

Thank you people

im hoping the farting goes away indeed. In a week my second month supply is over.

It would be a shame having to change treatment over such a small but painful thing

I mean I feel a bit stupid...if I compare what others in past (90s) had to go thru with AZT and the numerous side effects.

Aside from that think I gained a few pounds....but thats normal since my body is not fighting virus no more.

I feel fact much much better than i expected to be

Cheerios people



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