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ADAP Watch List Update December 2012


Georgia eliminated their waiting list in November. Florida is currently enrolling new clients into their program and does not have any individuals on their waiting list; however, they have not formally closed their waiting list.

The potential for new waiting lists developing this fiscal year (ending March 31, 2013) continues.  Three states currently report having capped enrollments. One additional state anticipates capping enrollment and another anticipates instituting a wait list prior to the end of FY2012.

House and Senate leaders passed and the President signed a six month Continuing Resolution (CR) that funds the government through March 2013 at the Budget Control Act level.  This CR does have a minimal increase of 0.6 percent from FY2012 which may provide a slight increase to overall ADAP funding.  However, formula calculations associated with the Ryan White Program may result in fluctuations in ADAP funding for various jurisdictions.  The current fiscal cliff negotiations and the possible sequestration impacts on ADAP are not known at this time. 

ADAPs with Waiting Lists as of December 13, 2012
58 individuals in 4 states

STATEAMOUNTCHANGEFlorida00Idaho15+7Louisiana**19-39South Dakota24+3
ADAP December 13th Watch List
**Louisiana has a capped enrollment on their program. This number is a representation of their current unmet need.


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