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I'm a Guinea Pig Again

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Way to go Creighton! I too appreciate your participation in the study, really cool.

Have a good time back in Boston. I think Jody, Curtis and I went and saw the rocks at Harvard too, I dont really remember any Gems either but it was cool.

I dont know about the Ice skating, seems a bit dangerous. Shouldnt you let sleeping dogs lie and all that...not poke a hornets nest? ;)

The Harvard collection is a Mineral and Gem collection, although most of the gems are generally left uncut (not a reference to circumcision), or are sliced open and really look like minerals or rocks.

Another Boston site that has been recommended to me, although I have yet to visit, is the Isabella Steward Gardner museum.


I think it'd be great if you could write an article to be published here.  Thanks for participating, perhaps you hold the key for all of us? ;)


Thanks Basquo!!!


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