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I'm a Guinea Pig Again

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It was confirmed yesterday that I'll be going back to Boston to participate in studies at the Ragon Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital. Nice to be invited back to the "Boston Blood Club," but it's a bit more involved this time around. I'll be going for 4 days this time, to give blood three times, along with urine, stool and skin cell samples, as well as endoscopy and colonoscopy with tissue specimens. I don't give up eating for just anything, and I'm damn sure not looking forward to airline travel on the bowel prep day before the scopes, so I'm really hoping that we're closer to a cure for it!

Even though they've got plenty planned for me, there will still be some time to explore Boston some more. They put me up in the Holiday Inn next to MGH, which is close to some good restaurants and a train station. I'm definitely eating a lobster while I'm there. Maybe two. I wonder if POZ would be interested in an article on my experience. Do you think that would make an interesting read? Maybe take a comedic spin on everything but drive it home to the hopeful promise of research at the end?

I deeply glad that people like you are taking part of something great like this.

Hey Basquo;

I also appreciate your participation.

It sounds like you are pretty familiar with Boston, but a few less known "gems" I found there were the glass flower museum and gem museum at Harvard.

Wish you the best,


You dont say what the study is for.  Is it HIV related?

The studies are HIV-related. The blood draws are part of the ongoing Long-Term Non-Progressor studies, and from what I gather, the GI scopes are related to nausea in HIV+ people. I just today got and haven't read the info on the skin and stool samples but I'm sure it's to do with HIV.

Santi and I saw the glass flowers when we were in Boston for AMG 2009. I remember we say lots of rocks and minerals but I don't remember seeing "gems" as in "jewels." He couldn't care less about diamonds and the like (unlike me!)

Looking forward to Chinatown. He has commanded me to go back to a fabric store we found and buy more heavy silk. I want something with pandas on it. I've also thought about trying my feet at ice-skating.


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