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Population of Cells Serving as the Major Reservoir for HIV Identified


From what I can gather from this article, the researchers have identified a subset of T-Cells -- "T follilcular helper cells" that are the primary reservoir of HIV infected cells. These represent about 2% of the TCells in the body.

Great quote --

This is a major discovery for the HIV field; we have finally identified the cell population predominantly responsible for supporting active HIV replication and production,” says Prof. Pantaleo. “We have also provided evidence that the Tfh cells are likely to be responsible for residual virus replication in patients effectively treated with antiretroviral therapy.”

Here's the article --

Of course, HIV exists in other places, but if this is truly the primary reservoir, and we can eradicate it somehow from this reservoir, well, that would be awesome! 

I saw this.  If this truly is the answer for what everyone was questioning in the past few years (where the latent hiv infected cells hide while on Treatment), then this is a huge find.  Am I right?

The donkey and the carrot.

This is a really good find. I hope we can better target these cells and erradicate the virus once and for all.


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