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He's POZ, I'm neg. Starting from scratch

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Hi meecch!

Yes, i did have sex without protection, and i am sure it was my fault but also my mind, that was my "wake up call", here in my house i have condoms all over the place, and i 'panic' if i dont have at least 6 in stock...

Saturday i wnet to a bar, met a guy, we had sex and we used condom first time, then we didn't and that's fucked up, and not cool at all, and then i wonder why i did it if had soooooo many here at home... I realized i was somehow forcing myself to similate his current struggle.

It was not silly, it was stupid.

Well thats all very complicated but its good you realise its just plain stupid.

Also, I don't see how an unsafe sex act "simulates" your friends situation. Hes now a person living with HIV.  All his life. 24h a day.   

An unsafe sex encounter is a matter of minutes -- or an hour or so  8) 8) :o :o - -- and just a risk for disease transmission. 

HIV+ people are not living 24hour sex and possible disease risks.  Right?


He's on a 24/7 situation mine would be just an hour as you said, I think that I have been strong for him for too long, and now I'm starting to break down, but no, Chins Up, boobs out it's show time! (Connie and Carla).  :D

The "funny" part here is that even when he's the one living with HIV he's now starting to recover his normal life, and au contraire I'm (was) going down, It is really helpful to talk with you, I am beyond grateful with your words and advice.

I send you a big hug!

Mixed, if anything what happened to your friend should be a wake-up call for you. This virus is everywhere, it's not something that only happens to promiscuous people.

Trust me, I know. I used condoms my entire life but then suffered a brief lack of judgement with a boyfriend and now, here I am.

So be there for him and tell him about this forum, it might be helpful. And I appreciate that I could be helpful to you.

Yes Rockin! You're right I will recommend him this one, so he can connect and interact with smart people like you two.
Sometimes it seems people simply scares about it and forgets its is just as Meecch said "Another Disease"...


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