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He's POZ, I'm neg. Starting from scratch

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--- Quote from: mixednewbie on December 18, 2012, 03:37:39 PM ---Yes Rockin! You're right I will recommend him this one, so he can connect and interact with smart people like you two.
Sometimes it seems people simply scares about it and forgets its is just as Meecch said "Another Disease"...

--- End quote ---

Well its both. Its a horrible fatal disease if someone doesnt know he has it. Or if he knows but can't have medical care and treatment.  Or, if he knows but denies that it kills and doesn't treat it.

But if someone knows, and has medical care, and takes HIV seriously, then its not the worst disease around, nope.

Hello !! Sorry Ive been out, here's what we have been lately.

On monday I had an emotional crisis, and i told him every single thing I feel for him, and for so he replied that most likely we will not be able to be together. Of course i was devastated and of course I cried a lot, but I'm back up again.
That's from my side, he's going to see the doctor tomorrow, as for what he was told last time, he's on aids not hiv anymore, so I will keep you posted about this story...

somehow this thread might be coming to an end...  :-\

Sometimes HIV+ people are sufferring hideous mental and physical stresses if they are in the situation of your friend.  He may not have the energy to devote to romance with you for the time being. 
You can certainly try to stick around as a friend.  After things chill out and hes stable and comfortable in his new reality, maybe there will be a romantic opening again. 

Maybe not, "maybe he's just not that into you". 
Anyway, you've been sweet to him. 

In the meantime, please stop your own self-hurting actions which you have bizarrely attributed somehow to your friend's current struggles.  Just own them and stop them.

You're right!! Nothing else to say about it, and I will get back to me and for the best of both we will be happy.

Thanks again for your support!!

Happy holidays

Kisses and hugs


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