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Hey Mark

If you go with Crestor, I hope it works well for you, and that the insurance will pay for it (isn't it nuts that we have to argue with them over such things?).  As for the cardiac issues, it does seem that you have a few strikes against you...but hopefully nothing you can't overcome.

Love & hugs to you, my friend...and thanks for the lovely Christmas card.


Hi Mark, hope you are doing better and your sister as well.  I take Lipitor (generic) every other day and my numbers have been good.  Best of everything going into the new year my dear friend.

Hugs, Jody

Good luck Mark. Have you, or your doc, tried calling the insurance in advance to see if you need prior authorization? My doc has been able to get the prior auth, in a few days, when needed.

In the past, I was switched from Lipitor to pravastatin, because of insurance regulations and the substitute worked. I was also switched from Flomax (for prostate BPH) to doxazosin, and that also worked.
 Hugs & happy new year. Deiby

Just a quick update.

I saw the doctor today. After some discussion and reviewing my lipid labs during the past couple of years, the doctor said he was reticent to prescribe a statin for me.

My lipid numbers, while they have worsened a bit over time, have not worsened that much, the doctor said.

Also, everything else is doing fine. My blood pressure ranges from a tad lower than normal to absolutely normal (120 / 80 today). My lung issues seem to be holding steady, which is a good sign, and my kidneys and liver are doing just fine.

In other words, I am in great shape, aside from the somewhat elevated lipids.

Even my CD4s are OK, coming in at more than 1,000, with a still undetectable viral load.

He said I was doing very well, except for the cholesterol, and was fearful the addition of a statin would upset the apple cart, so to speak, just as it did the last time.

The doctor said, and I quote , "I don't want to poison you with a statin."

He likes my diet, he knows I watch pretty closely what I eat.

But he does want me to exercise a bit more. I guess I can't argue with that.

So, no big news at this time. Oh, I do have get an X-ray tomorrow. I have been having pain in my left wrist and, upon examination, it appears I may have broken it.

Who knew my little fall on the ice Jan. 3 may have caused more damage, albeit minor, than I thought.

Oh well, I will get it done tomorrow.

An interesting side note: When he was examining me, he noticed one of my pupils is larger than the other. The doctor asked if I had ever suffered a head injury. I told him I did suffer a fractured skull when I was gay bashed a number of years ago.
The doctor said the attack probably caused some lingering brain damage, resulting in one pupil being larger than the other. It is of no real consequence, other than being a curiosity and a reminder of a rather unpleasant experience. But, I did find it interesting.



God Mark, sorry to hear about your wrist.  Damn ice.  I be it's been really hurting.  I'm surprised you can function if it's broken.  Of course, sometimes sprains hurt worse than breaks, and people don't even realize something's broken.

That is interesting about your pupil.  Sorry it brought back those bad memories. 


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