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Recently, the issue of my hyperlipidemia and the cardiopulmonary consequences thereof has been raised by my doctor.

The reason it came up now was my sister, who called me to inform me she is having heart trouble. She is three years my junior, but is already seeing a cardiologist to address her issues.

I am hoping it is a temporary thing in her case.

My father had a history of heart trouble. He died from his third major heart attack.

On top of that, when I was being screened for the surgery to remove my hump, they found I had a minor issue with my heart. Something to do with the nerves which carry the signals to make my heart beat are not functioning properly.

So, my doctor is concerned because, as he put it, I have three strikes against me. I was a smoker for years, there is a history of heart trouble in the family, and I have hyperlipidemia.

Actually, there is also the HIV thing, so maybe that is four strikes. Anyway, the big concern at the moment are the lipids.

They have been an ongoing problem for a long time. I switched to Isentress and Truvada to help lower my lipids.

But, when I took statins, I  developed a fair degree of rhabdomyolysis, which wasn't much fun.

We stopped the statins. But now, despite my best efforts at diet and exercise, the lipids have again risen too high.

Interestingly, Isentress can cause elevated CPKs, which I still have. But, as I mentioned in an earlier thread, I really can't change. This is about as lipid-friendly a regimen as we can get.

The doctor is also concerned because I already had problems in the past, and the doctor is worried I might again develop hepatic steatosis, or even a recurrence of nonalcoholic steato hepatitis.

Long story short (I know, too late), we may have to try a statin again. Perhaps Crestor, which I have heard good things about.

If we can manage to drop the lipids with a small dosage, I may not end up with side effects that are too severe. If the pain and weakness can be kept to a lesser level, I may well learn to live with them.

I guess we will discuss it at my next appointment. I was supposed to see him Jan 8, but I rescheduled because someone else needed to be seen and they had more critical issues to address.

I think I see him the third week of January, so that gives me time to contemplate this further.

One problem is that insurance companies are balking at paying for Crestor since Lipitor went generic. So, this might require the doctor to get a prior authorization from the insurance company should we decide to go with Crestor.

Yep, my HIV is well controlled and my immune system is wonderfully strong. It is the rest of me that is falling apart.  :o



Mark, it seems that the issue with your lipids is pretty critical.  I know my situation is different, statin wise, but my doctor prescribed Crestor for me, since Lipitor caused those muscle issues.  So far, so good.

I hope your doctor can work something out for you that will be effective.  It sounds troubling with that family history.  Please take care and keep us updated! :-*


we have similar issues.
i know how hard you have tried to deal with your lipids.
no answers or advice from me.
just wanted to wish you (and your sister) well.

Mark  sorry to hear of the  many interacting complications....  have  some of the same issues....have been using Crestor  for more than a year  definitely helps to keep  levels  closer to where they need to be....also  get  regular  "notices "  from Insurance about generic  Lipitor   but we tried  that and Dr  keeps specifying the  Crestor...   he  specifies on the  script   Crestor  as prescribed....

good luck


Hope it all goes well buddy.  We're in very similar situations.  Lipitor for me was nasty and I had to discontinue it.  Pravastatin has allowed me to have awesome results.  Having 2 heart attacks before the age of 40 forced me to address the issues.

I never dreamt I'd live long enough to have HIV controlled and have the rest of me fall apart so rapidly.   :o

I did a 3 month extreme diet test after stopping pravastatin to see if my lipids would remain the same.  I eliminated ALL foods that would affect the lipids and I saw a sudden and huge change (for the worse) in my numbers.  Isentress is the culprit according to my doctor.  After restarting, I again saw a change for the better and am resigned to taking it for the rest of my life if need be.

Wishing you well


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