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Any one from INDIA, pls advise

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Dear Friends,

I have changed my combo last two months back with Lamivudine+Tenofavir+Effevirenz. I shifted Pune to Hyderabad due to some personal problems two months back. I am now jobless since last two months and  have running out my medicines this month i.e Dec 20,2012.  Any NGO's or any ART center which help to me refill my medicines freely in Hyderabad.
I don't think our Govt (NACO) is supplying these drugs.
Please advice.


Efavirenz (generic version) is available in India for people who can't take nevirapine, and tenofovir is available for people who can't use AZT or d4T, says Indian guidelines. Whether there is a gvmt clinic that understands these and has access to the necessary drugs I cannot answer.

- matt

Hi Bunny,

Have you been able to contact people at the Indian Network of Positive People (INP+) ?

They should be able to help.

In Delhi, there is also an NGO called AIDS Healthcare Foundation that dispenses modern free ARVs.

You could see if they have branches or outlets in or near Hyderabad.
I think you should contact both these organisations and see if they can directly help or put you in touch with someone else who can.

Andhra Pradesh has a higher infection rate than any other part of India and thus I'd think that the Govt hospitals should have a wider range of medicines available. So no harm checking in the Govt hospitals also.

Thanks for your info

Thanks for the links,Little bit busy with in job searching, Sorry for the late reply

I tried in Osmania General Hospital, but they do not wish to me put on tenofavir, instead they suggested to me  AZT.

Anyway I stopped medicines since last few days and trying very hard to get any job and medicines.Until then I am trying for medicines in some known NGO's in Hyderabad

Spacer your links helped a lot. Thanks for helping

I tried in Osmania General Hospital and got a same cocktail of drugs for free.


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