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it was postivive

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well if you read my last post in am i infected, i was waiting for my results, and they were postive. i am freaking out. the docter didnt give me very much info, and the info she did i was kind of in a daze so i didnt retain any of it. im going to a regular docter today for what i think is unrelated rash that keeps popping up all over my body. im not telling my family for awhile. im just so confused. i dont have a whole lot of understanding what it means to live with hiv so i have some questions till i go to the dr to get my blood drawn for counts. which i still have to call up and make the appointment.
but what about diseases like the flu or whatever, what if i get them? is there extra precautions i should take if and when i do get it. i take care of my god daughter alot, is there extra precautions so she doesnt get it. i have more questions just cant think of them right now.

snw, you need to make sure your positive result was confirmed with a Western Blot test that was also positive. Until your results have been confirmed in this way, you are not considered to be hiv positive.

Please clarify and until then, please do not post in other threads. Thanks.


the blood work came back that i took about a week or so ago, postive, im not just posting im postive for nothing. i am scared and i was looking for support cause i thought i could find it here.

I understand how you feel. It's like a whirl wind of upset and disaster inconjunction with dispare and worry about everything.
Well, take a deep breath and have a cup of tea, you will need to understand that a lot of info will be sent your way over a small period of time.
I had the same worries as you. But I decided to continue to interact with the kids and decided to continue with my pursuits S much as possible.
My emotions changed from anger to well less anger (lol) and now I am trying to be pragmatic -)
Read everything you can on this forum, get your blood counts, have a cup of tea.
There is no quick fix to our situation, take one hour at a time and above all remember the treatment is better now than years gone.
Keep in touch

thanks, yea a lot of info has been sent my way but i dont think i digested a lot of it, have had a ton of blood drawn but i think im calming down some. i am up and down most the time.


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