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Are there any others in here who are currently serving active duty, guard or reserve who are also positive? would be cool to hear from you. So far they have not discharged me...I'm hoping they never discharge me...I've been providing them tons and tons of lab results and doctors notes (I feel sorry for my ID doc, for hounding her to order me the standard req'd labs set forth by HQ AFRC). I'm in the reserves, so I have private insurance not Tricare.  Any who, let me know that I'm not alone. You can stay anonymous too.

Hi OneStrong,

You're not alone.  Welcome to the forums. 

I can certainly relate to your experience.  I was diagnosed while serving on active-duty overseas.  I recently separated from service with an honorable discharge after completing my contractual requirements.  However, my knowledge of National Guard/Reserves policy concerning HIV is more limited.  From my understanding, it is unlikely you will be involuntarily separated unless you were found medically unfit for duty (such as a diagnosis of AIDS) or you voluntarily requested to be separated based on medical hardship.  Under current military policy however—you will be considered permanently non-deployable, which extends to any overseas assignments.  You will likely be assigned a case worker (if you have not already) who will assist you with any HIV or military policy related questions you may have, offer support and information, and provide resources for treatment.  They will also counsel you annually, and require you to submit an identical signed counseling statement from your commander at least once annually (or whenever your command changes or you are assigned to a new unit).

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me here or through a PM.  Keep your head up and let us know how you're doing.

Hey buddy - you're not alone :-)  Not only is it doubtful that you will be discharged solely for HIV status - I can tell you that I was accepted INTO the U S Coast Guard Auxiliary AFTER becoming HIV+.  It is not dischargeable or disqualifying unless complications tangibly interfere with service.

Active here. You will not be discharged unless you are unable to perform your duties. 

Thanks everyone for your replies. It's comforting to know I won't just be solely kicked out for that reason. I have to remain in the Reserves in order to keep my full time federal civil service employment because the two tie together.

Every six months I give the reserve docs the lab results they want, and every year they forward the results along with a letter from my civilian ID doc to HQ AFRC. HQ AFRC then issues me a waiver with limitations and it's good for one year. My waiver expired in March 2012, and I should have been issued a new waiver April 2012, but my reserve command is screwing around and it seems like they don't give a damn. My stuff hasn't been forwarded to HQ AFRC yet, and all the lab work and letters I turned in to them last Feb are now outdated, I gave them current results, and still nothing. They want me to get some other test done by my ID doc, it's annoying.


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