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oh dear!

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bob, First welcome to the forums..sorry ya have to be here..

 I do not understand how your feelings can be to raw to talk to a therapist. That is exactly what they are there for. If you believe that you should be able to work through everything in one or two sessions, then it will not work. Nor will expected the therapist to have all the answers. They are there to help you work through your emotions and that takes time.
 Take a look at the good wife is negative. That is good.

Jump in and start interacting around the forums here.  Over coming fears about the virus is something we understand.   ;D  It's a great group of people.  We don't always agree, or get along, but we're all supportive of each other....even the Republicans.

What ? There are Republicans in this forum. I did not know that. Hmmm.

On to Bob...I can understand if you're a person who's not accustomed to talking about your feelings then going to a therapist to unpack issues about your new diagnosis and fears about the future and rejection would be difficult.

I'm with Mojo -- ya gotta go. If you don't like the therapist (and that happens--it's okay) then find another one.

It's the holidays and it's also just ordinary days. Count what's worth counting. You're married and have a negative wife and have a child on the way and you're employed and keep adding.

Wolfie's right -- in between the hustle and bustle of holidays and family when the fear creeps in, log on and let go.


--- Quote from: bob_89q on December 12, 2012, 06:20:31 PM ---Hi again!
I have just reread the replies. While I acknowledge that I have to wear some of the blame I just can't shake my self hatred at what I have done, and now I have to live with the constant reminder of my actions.
I am scared. I am scared of how people will act towards me if they find out. I am scared the meds will stop working or that I will get sick in the future and I am scars I will die early.
I know I have to move on, that is why I joined this forum. I have never been a person to discuss my feelings so this is hard for me
I tried therapy but my feelings are still to raw. I hope that the forum can give good if not better advice :) than the therapist.
Oh we'll one day at a time and go and make a cup of tea. Chin up and so on.

--- End quote ---
The self hatred and rolling dark thoughts about HIV will pass eventually.
Also - the medicine works - its not going to "stop working".  There are few if any side effects.  Taking it and sticking to it isn't hard work.  Affording it is a pain in the ass, yes.

Thanks for the supports. Yes when I sit back and become sane I can see lots of positives ( lol no pun intended ) my sane moments are increasing week by week.
However the darker thoughts like social stigma and the self hatred for my actions will take time to ease off.
You guys n gals ( and republicans) are a real support for me. You have been there, seen it done it and can now testify. That I respect.
Can any one help with me over coming the social stigma thoughts?
Please don't suggest voodoo. I tried it but it went wrong and two of my teeth fell out and I was constipated for a week. :-)


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