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oh dear!

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Sadly no cure for the dark thoughts except time. Well, time and experiences both good and bad. But it will happen.


--- Quote from: bob_89q on December 18, 2012, 07:52:39 AM ---Can any one help with me over coming the social stigma thoughts?

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Care to elaborate?


--- Quote from: bob_89q on December 18, 2012, 07:52:39 AM ---Can any one help with me over coming the social stigma thoughts?
Please don't suggest voodoo. I tried it but it went wrong and two of my teeth fell out and I was constipated for a week. :-)

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Some methods I adopted to minimize dark depressive thoughts/ social stigma and anger:

1.Educate myself on HIV. It is a virus and not your identity. It doesn't define you or your personality. Whatever stigma you're feeling is self-imposed and totally unnecessary. As someone very wise once told me: "the sooner you realise that you have an infection to manage and not much else has changed the faster you will be able to get on with your life."

2. Distractions- with happy things- friends, family, movies, sport, long walks, travelling- anything.

2. Writing my thoughts in a journal/ on these forums. Venting your emotions can be the biggest balm on raw wounds, I think.

3. Befriending and getting to know other poz people whether online or in the real world. Talking about shared experiences helps.

4. Trying to adjust your life, and in that I mean aspirations out of life and expectations from others, to reflect your new reality. (This may sound dramatic but it has helped me all the same.)

5. May sound cliche- but yoga or meditation can't do any harm.

6. Try NOT to isolate yourself unnecessarily for long periods. We all need solo time, which is fine. But try not to teeter on the edge of reclusion.

7. And most important, give it time!

Hope this helps.

--- Quote from: mecch on December 18, 2012, 12:36:45 PM ---Care to elaborate?

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It's self-evident what he means Meech.


--- Quote from: spacebarsux on December 18, 2012, 02:37:16 PM ---
Hope this helps.

It's self-evident what he means Meech.

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Your advice is fine with me spacebarsux.

I asked Bob to elaborate because its perfectly possible for any HIV+ person to be ok with his/her status, but suffer from society's stigmatisation of HIV and HIV+ people, and discrimination against HIV people. 

That is, the self-hatred and the social stigma can be two different beasts.  Right? 

And we all wonder how we are going to deal with other people's prejudices.  And not having self-hatred does not spare us social challenges.   

Is that clear???

Hi sorry for the delay in my reply.
The social stigma is down to people's ignorance with what HIV is. Where I live, people think it only infects gays who have lots of partners ( lucky them lol) or drug users. I am neither but feel forced into one of the two categories mentioned.
So in some people's view HIV is a disease that will only infect people who 'deserve' it. Yes it is narrow minded but that is what is the common belief.
No I don't associate with the people who have this idea, but I do have to work with them!


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